Top Reasons Why You Should Smoke Less And Run More

A smoking cigarette will harm every organ of your body and cause various diseases.  Quitting smoking will lower the risk of getting diseases that are related to smoking. Opting for exercise like jogging will help your body to stay fit and healthy.  Quitting smoking immediately might be tough. It is a long process and you need to be patient.  Go through this website to find out how you could quit smoking

Effects of smoking

  • Smoking will cause cancer in any part of the body like lung, liver, esophagus, pancreas, etc
  • Smoking affects the bone health
  • It can cause tooth loss and affects the gums
  • It will increase the risk for cataracts
  • It decreases the immune function
  • Smoking causes rheumatoid arthritis
  • It causes type 2 diabetes and the risk of getting diabetes is higher among active smokers when compared to non-smokers
  • Smoking makes it tough for women to get pregnant
  • It will reduce the fertility and can also cause miscarriage and birth defects

Quitting smoking and opting for exercise like running will give you following benefits:

  • It will help in cutting down the cardiovascular risks. Just after quitting smoking and doing exercise will cut down the risk of heart attack within 1 year
  • The risk of cancer in the throat, lung, mouth, bladder, and esophagus will drop within the next 5 years
  • It helps in building strong bones otherwise would have deteriorated by smoking
  • It helps in strengthening muscles
  • It helps in improving your immunity and also helps in improving your overall efficiency

Running will help in maintaining a healthy weight and increases your stamina. With smoking, your stamina comes down and you will find it tough to perform jobs as you get tired easily.  It helps a great deal with regard to your productivity in work as you are fit and your mind gets sharpened.


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