Ten Amazing Health Benefits of Sun Exposure

Being close to nature and utilizing nature-friendly energy sources can be good for the environment and the living beings. ClimateCounts website talks about the importance of sustainable living. The sunlight that is a great source of energy is also an essential component of the very existence of life on earth. Here are the 10 benefits of exposure to sunlight –

  1. The most common benefit cited is the maintenance of Vitamin D levels in the body with regular exposure to sunlight.
  2. People who spend a healthy amount of time outdoor are known to be at a lower risk for melanoma than those who spend the majority of their time indoors.
  3. Regulation of blood pressure is another major advantage of sun exposure.
  4. Regular exposure to sunlight can keep the brain stimulated and active. This is why you might find your creativity surging after a walk in the garden.
  5. Exposure to sunlight is known to help reduce stress
  6. Risk of diabetes comes down in those who regularly spend enough time outdoors.
  7. Early morning sunlight is known to be very healthy for the body. Besides setting the circadian rhythm right morning sunlight also makes you feel more awake and energetic.
  8. People with chronic pains and those recovering from injuries find exposure to sunlight to be an excellent analgesic.
  9. There are studies that show that staying active and spending time outdoors on a regular basis can help prevent Alzheimer’s.
  10. For the immune system to be functioning properly a healthy boost of sunlight is required for the body.

Though there are plenty of doctors that recommend the use of sunscreens and other ways to protect the skin and body from sunlight-induced damage, there are certain times during the day when the sunlight actually does more good to the body than harm.


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