Denture adhesives are the materials that allow the dentures to stay in place. They are available in the form of creams, pastes, and also adhesive pads. The main constituent of the denture adhesive is zinc. Most of the other ingredients like Polymethyl vinyl ether-mavelich anhydride, polyvinyl acetate, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose are safe.

The potential hazardous ingredient in the denture adhesive is zinc. In the levels recommended for dietary allowance it is inert and safe. Zinc can mobilize copper from nerves and that can cause irreversible and severe damage to the nerves. This is fatal and can cause severe damage.

One such commonly used denture adhesive is Fixodent denture adhesive cream. As it is known that the adhesive cream is not safe, it is wise to use to avoid it or use it in moderation. A guide to Fixodent denture cream is here. After cleaning and drying the dentures, the cream is applied in small quantity to the edge of the denture. Then firmly place the dentures in the jaw and press. If the cream oozes out that is an indication that you have used more cream.

The advantage of Fixodent denture cream is that the quantity of cream required can be well controlled by the person using it. To be safe, visit to the dentist is needed to check for proper fitting.

Since zinc in denture adhesives can cause fatal consequences, avoiding them is the best. Denture wearers should follow proper instructions to ensure adequate amounts is used and not overused. More adhesive than recommended should never be used. It is ideal to look for ingredients before buying denture adhesives and prefer zinc free creams to avoid the potential dangers of using zinc creams.

Beware of the threat from zinc in the denture adhesive before using it.


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