Menopause Needs Extra Care


Menopause is one stage no woman can escape. Just as menstrual cycle is a part and parcel of a woman’s life, menopause is too. During this stage, the body undergoes a lot of changes which can affect the regular life of a person. Be it physical fatigue or hormonal changes that affect them emotionally, each person has a different symptom.


Some of the common symptoms of menopause are:

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle – The menstrual cycle comes to an end and this is called menopause. Hence the very first set of symptoms will be irregular cycles. It can be light or even heavy flow for some people.
  • Body Temperature – The body undergoes a major change, hence one can experience hot flashes or get too sweaty at nights.
  • Temper – One can experience mood swings due to the raging hormones. They can be very irritable, anxious or even depressed in few cases.
  • Body Changes – One can notice visible changes in the body such as change in the breast size, thinning hair, weight gain, etc
  • Other Changes – one can even experience insomnia, changes in the cervix or uterus

Natural remedies for menopause 

Menopause is a biological process and one does not have control over it. However, one can control the effect of this stage on their lives. Here are a few natural remedies that can help–

  • Diet Change – Changing your diet can have a great impact on your menopausal symptoms. Since the body gets drained, it is important to load up on essential nutrients. However, one should take care to not consume too many calories as menopause can cause one to gain weight.
  • High Fiber Content – Go in for fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. Fiber helps in better digestion and cardiovascular functioning. High fiber also helps in reducing weight. One can even consume a handful of nuts every day. Nuts are loaded with essential nutrients.


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