Light Cardio- Benefits Of Weights On Your Wrists

It is very important to change your workout around every few weeks. Whether you exercise every day of the week or 3-4 days of the week, ensure that the time spent counts. Wrist weights add a certain difficulty to your regular light cardio workouts. This increased challenge brings with it certain benefits. However, tread with caution as not all exercises can be done with wrist weights.

  1. Resistance: Increasing the resistance even marginally contributes to an increase in the heart rate and obviously leads to benefits arising from that. This maybe just a slight increase in the regular challenge but it is enough to increase oxygen consumption and raise the heart rate.
  2. Not a substantial change: This is a good option when you are not looking to modify your workout too much but seek a different challenge. If you are an avid walker or a brisk walker, putting weights on your wrists will challenge you just a bit more. It will keep your hands free unlike weighted dumb bells and therefore chances of losing your balance are much smaller.

Weights on the wrists are a convenient option especially when you want to work your upper body- your arms and shoulders. As a precaution, pick up the lightest weight initially. Once you find that you have adjusted well, you can slowly move to the next level if you choose to. Some precautions to be borne:

  • It is generally not advisable to wear these weights on your wrists while running. It can seriously alter your rhythm, leading to injuries.
  • Make sure your posture is correct if you are walking with these wrist weights. Any change in posture can put a strain on the muscles. Use them for a day, watch how your body reacts to it the following day. If you feel fine, you are good to go.


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