History Of Back Scratchers

It is true that scratching the itchy area will drive out the itchiness in that area. It can be easily scratched when it itches on the leg, hand, face but when it itches on our lower back; it is really very difficult to reach the area. if it is difficult for the normal adults, consider the case of old grandpas and grannies. They will find it much more difficult to scratch their back.

It is not very easy to control the itchy sensation. If you doubt it, why don’t you try controlling the itchy sensation yourself? It is practically not possible to control the itchiness. When it starts itching, our brain will automatically signal our hand to scratch it over. So, what is the solution for the itch? The solution is to scratch your back with a great back scratcher.

There are varieties of back scratchers available in the market recently and the back scratcher has transformed a lot in various civilizations over history. Here is a short history about the back scratchers

Initially, the man followed the animals to scratch his back with the help of trees. Later he started to use his skills in developing one for the scratching purpose.

In the past, the Chinese emperors used jade back scratcher over 2500 years ago. Later, the Chinese started using bone, wood, ivory materials to design the scratcher.

Eskimos used a specially designed scratcher called as kumakssium which was made of curved bone and bear fur at the end.

Later, people started to wear the body scratcher around their waist as a part of their fashion. Today, we have body scratchers made of almost all materials like wood, bone, plastic, stainless steel and various combinations

So, the body scratcher is not the one that is introduced in this century. It is being used for more than 2500 years.


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