Healthy Supplements I Wish I Knew About Before Getting Drug Tested

Now I am your average college pass out and looking for a job. I was successful in getting a job I really was keen on but then lost it due to circumstances. I have had a good track record and no major traffic violations and you must be wondering where this story is leading? So let me go back in the past.

Some of us friends, decided to go on a trip before we all separated after the graduation day. Some of us were going to pursue post-graduation and the rest like me were supposed to start our first real jobs. You know how exciting and an emotional time it can be. Of course, we had some drinks and someone had some weed and we all smoked, not much, just to loosen up and relax and as a last memory of the college days together. That is it. I forgot about the marijuana also.

Soon we all had to go our own ways. I was excited to go to work and before that, I had to complete some formalities and one of these was a medical test. I went confidently and gave my blood sample and hair sample and all the other routine tests were done. I am a regular guy and I am careful about my alcohol intake and I was confident about the medical test results. Then I got the shock of my life. I was rejected due to some traces of TCH in my samples.

I could not comprehend for a long time how it happened. Then I read every piece of information on drug test available on the net and realized that the traces can stay in the blood and hair for a long time even after a single use. I also read about healthy ways to clean your system before a drug test, which I wish I knew about before. There are supplements and that too natural ones, that help to clean up and detox the body. You can search online and ensure that you use the proper combination of these supplements and water and juices to help your body pass through the drug test easily. As far as I am concerned I am waiting for the result of my second test and then I am sure I can get a job soon.


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