Good Excuses To Skip School

Sunday nights are really horrifying when you have to go to bed early to wake up early the next morning. Do you feel like skipping school this time? We cannot expect our parents to understand our agony and when you see your mother preparing breakfast you almost feel devastated. What are the good excuses you can use to skip school for the day? May be this post in f-origin will help you find out some reasonable excuses that you can give to your school to avail leave.

Whatever excuse you are planning to use ensure that it is not repeated often as this would certainly create a suspicion. The first step would be convincing your parents as some parents want their kids to be an all rounder in school. In the morning, before you get ready for the school inform your parents that you did not do the homework. If you feel that they are not convinced tell that this homework will be assessed for examination. Though you will be scolded for not doing the homework you are likely to be asked to stay back at home.

If the class teacher is absent for the day then children attending classes is of no use. Most of the parents think that they better stay back at home and study. When you use this excuse at home ensure that you study for at least sometime so that your parents believe you. On the other hand, if your mother knows the teacher well you have to be careful in using this excuse.

Missing the school bus is another workable excuse. For this you will have to intentionally get up late in the morning and get ready for the school in a way that you will surely miss the bus. Your father might pull you into the car to drop you at school. So ensure that you get up late in the morning so that you find the school gate closed even when reaching by car.  These are some of the workable excuses you can use to skip school.


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