Bulimia Treatment, Help and Recovery

Food can be a source of energy and a great source of comfort. But sometimes this very food can be misused leading to several eating disorders. One of the major eating disorders that cause death is bulimia nervosa.

A treatise can be written on how to make yourself sick when we talk about bulimia. It is a condition wherein an individual eats abnormal amounts of food in a limited period of time and then induces vomiting or goes on a fast for an indefinite period of time. It is an emotional disorder that can attack any gender, age, and geographical region. It can result in the death of a dear one, depression, bad self-esteem, bullying and several other factors.

How can you treat it

Do not neglect this condition as it will have a serious effect on your long-term health. Approach your GP for a solution. Typically, you will be referred to a diet consultant who can work with you to normalize your eating pattern. On the emotional aspect, you must seek help from a psychologist who will help you overcome your emotional distress.

Often it is distressing for the family to see a loved one go through this kind of self-inflicted torture.In severe cases, antidepressants are given to prevent binging habits.

The process of recovery

Recovery from bulimia is an uphill task but with the support of the family and friends, you can start leading a normal life. Start by keeping a food diary that will help you keep track of all that you eat. Be mindful of your emotions and learn ways and means to manage them. You can join a support group where you can meet others who have recovered from the condition and are leading a normal life. Always be in the company of friends who can help you overcome negative emotions and help you feel good. Bulimia is beatable; don’t let it beat you instead.


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