Best Low Carb Foods To Lose Weight

A low carb diet is all about restricting the carbs in your diet especially from foods like bread, pasta and sugar foods. When following a low carb diet plan it is essential that you add lot of protein, healthy fats and vegetables to your diet for good energy levels. However, when following a low carb diet plan , the type of foods you eat totally depends on how much fit you are, how much exercise you do and how much weight you have to shed. The basics of a low carb diet is that you need to eat foods like fish, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fats, dairy foods, healthy oils and grains that do not contain gluten. Avoid sugary foods, wheat, trans fat, highly processed foods and low fat products.

List of low carb foods to eat

The following are the low carb foods that you need to follow:

Meat – lamb, beef, chicken, pork and other, preferable grass fed

Fish – trout, salmon, haddock, freshly caught fish

Eggs – Eggs fortified with omega 3 or pastured eggs

Fruits – blueberries, strawberries, apples, pears, oranges

Fats and oils – olive oil, coconut oil, butter and cod liver fish oil

High fat dairy – Butter, yoghurt, heavy cream, cheese

However, you will have to be careful while eating nuts, cheese and should take only in limited quantity. Likewise, eat just a piece of fruit per day. Popular diet programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast also recommend its dieters to include fruits and vegetables into their daily diet. In fact, while following Medifast, the dieters have to cook one lean and green meal on their own. Nutrisystem allows its dieters to have one flex meal per week using which they can have meals at a restaurant outside or cook their own meals at home. To know how these diet programs work read this article that provides you with a detailed comparison study.

If you are healthy, active and do not want to lose weight then you can consider eating some more carbs such as legumes, non gluten grains and tubers. You can have chocolates and wine in moderation. Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants and fetch you some health benefits when you consume them in moderation. However, too much consumption of dark chocolates and wine will hamper your weight loss progress. Besides, you can drink beverages like coffee, tea, sugar free carbonated beverages and water.


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