Save lives with small steps

Cleanliness is next to godliness. It is a tried and tested method that has proven to save lives. Water sanitation and hygiene keep you healthy in more ways than one. They help you live a clean and vigorous lifestyle by ensuring that your environment is germ-free.  

Why sanitation?  

Good living is possible only with a clean environment. Everyone is directly impacted by the result of the atmosphere. From the air that we breathe to the plants that grow in the soil, everything is intertwined into one giant network. Like domino’s effect, when one takes a hit, nothing is spared.  

Clean potable drinking water along with adequate nutrients form part of a healthy input. Disposal of human wastes contributes to clean sanitary methods. Better hygiene practices reduce spreading of diseases through media like water and air. An unsanitary environment is one of the most common causes of deaths. According to statistics, eighty percent of all diseases and illnesses are caused by the unhygienic environment. The survival and development of the society are related to how clean the environment is.  

Better sanitation practices mean the eradication of diseases such as diarrhea and cholera. Reduced diseases mean improvement in the nutritional and health status of the individual. The subsequent advantage is a higher social and economic status of the people. This is because the funds that are used to spend on medicine and other drugs can be used for education and standard of living of the people.  

There should be sufficient water both for consumption as well as sanitation. Sanitation is not just related to latrines but any kind of wastage disposal. It includes food hygiene, personal hygiene, and disposal of waste water and garbage. A clean village environment is the sign of good health and sanitation. A healthy village is a happy village.  

Menopause Needs Extra Care


Menopause is one stage no woman can escape. Just as menstrual cycle is a part and parcel of a woman’s life, menopause is too. During this stage, the body undergoes a lot of changes which can affect the regular life of a person. Be it physical fatigue or hormonal changes that affect them emotionally, each person has a different symptom.


Some of the common symptoms of menopause are:

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle – The menstrual cycle comes to an end and this is called menopause. Hence the very first set of symptoms will be irregular cycles. It can be light or even heavy flow for some people.
  • Body Temperature – The body undergoes a major change, hence one can experience hot flashes or get too sweaty at nights.
  • Temper – One can experience mood swings due to the raging hormones. They can be very irritable, anxious or even depressed in few cases.
  • Body Changes – One can notice visible changes in the body such as change in the breast size, thinning hair, weight gain, etc
  • Other Changes – one can even experience insomnia, changes in the cervix or uterus

Natural remedies for menopause 

Menopause is a biological process and one does not have control over it. However, one can control the effect of this stage on their lives. Here are a few natural remedies that can help–

  • Diet Change – Changing your diet can have a great impact on your menopausal symptoms. Since the body gets drained, it is important to load up on essential nutrients. However, one should take care to not consume too many calories as menopause can cause one to gain weight.
  • High Fiber Content – Go in for fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. Fiber helps in better digestion and cardiovascular functioning. High fiber also helps in reducing weight. One can even consume a handful of nuts every day. Nuts are loaded with essential nutrients.

Get that well-deserved day off

There are times in your life when you just want to take off from work without being able to justify it completely. You do not have to wait for that emergency hernia or thumping head ache from the hangover to qualify for a leave from work. What would you do in such a scenario? The boss is not going to understand that you do not feel like working. It does not seem like such an ethical option. What next?

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How does it work? There are just three simple steps to freedom from work.

  • Download
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  • Pick a note you like and edit it to suit your needs
  • Take a print out
  • Get your day off

It is as simple as that. There is now no need to knock on your family doctor’s door to get that note. Everything you want is available on our website. It can be a dentist or an ortho. You get to pick your health issue and edit the note accordingly. In times when the break can literally save you from the throes of insanity, we come to your rescue in a big way.

We provide you with access to high quality notes from doctors that will give you the legitimate leave from your boss. Get online, and get instant access to many notes. Pick the one that you like and use it. Just keep track of what you used so that you do not get caught.  Download and see what you can gain. You will not regret it.


How Are Hair Transplants Done?

The number of health related issues are increasing day-by-day. Some of the modern day diseases and problems were not at all there in the olden days and this is the reason for them to be named as the problem of the modern world.   But unlike the olden days, where treatments were not found or done for a few problems, there is a solution for every x, y, z problem in the present day world.

We have heard about kidney transplantations, liver transplantations etc. but do you know about some special clinics for hair loss problems and that they do hair transplants? Astonishing right? But this is nothing to surprise you because this is one of the hot topics being discussed in the fashion magazines today. For every person, be it a woman or a man, hair is something very important and essential to lead their life peacefully. Of course, there are people without this. So you should either be with good hair or go hairless. This might have been the situation in the ancient days, but these days, like other human body parts transplantations, we do have hair transplants and the success rate is really soaring up very high.

Under this process, it is not somebody`s hair that is going to get transplanted on your head; but is going to be your own hair. Yes, generally hair from a denser area is transplanted into a spot where there is a deficiency and this we call the donor site and the receiver site accordingly. But of course, this is not the solution for complete baldness for there would be hair nowhere  found on the head for a transplant. During such times, either artificial hair or hair from some donor might be arranged for the transplantation process. So do not hesitate to go for a hair transplantation technique for this is very safe and secure.…

Get A Massage And Get Rid Of The Pain

Each one of us suffers from body pain from time to time. This could be brought on by wrong postures, heavy work outs or just sitting in front of the computer for long hours, without taking a break to stretch your back and legs.

Sometimes these pains are not too bad and go away on their own. The body just takes time to adjust itself and let go of the pain. When this happens, there is no complication. One need not undergo any procedure or medication. However, when the pain refuses to subside or keeps returning, one needs to pay attention to it.

Handle The Pain

Medication is not the only solution to pain. One can undergo a massage or a variety of them to relieve themselves of the pain and relax the whole body. This will loosen up the muscles and reduce the chances of injury in the future. This will also enable your body to go that extra mile and work more and exert more without much pain.

If the initial pain is not handled or taken care of, it can result in severe damages to the muscles and even lead to chronic pains. Sometimes, back pains that are not taken care of, will affect the person’s posture and may even make them hunch permanently.

Where To Go

Wondering where to go and get these massages? There are a number of massage parlors that specialize in a variety of massages for you to choose from. one can choose based on the technique used or explain where the pain or problem is and a suitable one will be suggested.

There are doctor clinics that offer this service too. This will be more of a medical massage that targets only the problem area and focuses on the nerve endings, etc.

If you are suffering from body pain or just need to relax, a good long massage can do the trick.


History Of Back Scratchers

It is true that scratching the itchy area will drive out the itchiness in that area. It can be easily scratched when it itches on the leg, hand, face but when it itches on our lower back; it is really very difficult to reach the area. if it is difficult for the normal adults, consider the case of old grandpas and grannies. They will find it much more difficult to scratch their back.

It is not very easy to control the itchy sensation. If you doubt it, why don’t you try controlling the itchy sensation yourself? It is practically not possible to control the itchiness. When it starts itching, our brain will automatically signal our hand to scratch it over. So, what is the solution for the itch? The solution is to scratch your back with a great back scratcher.

There are varieties of back scratchers available in the market recently and the back scratcher has transformed a lot in various civilizations over history. Here is a short history about the back scratchers

Initially, the man followed the animals to scratch his back with the help of trees. Later he started to use his skills in developing one for the scratching purpose.

In the past, the Chinese emperors used jade back scratcher over 2500 years ago. Later, the Chinese started using bone, wood, ivory materials to design the scratcher.

Eskimos used a specially designed scratcher called as kumakssium which was made of curved bone and bear fur at the end.

Later, people started to wear the body scratcher around their waist as a part of their fashion. Today, we have body scratchers made of almost all materials like wood, bone, plastic, stainless steel and various combinations

So, the body scratcher is not the one that is introduced in this century. It is being used for more than 2500 years.…

Benefits of steaming your hair

There are loads of benefits of steaming your hair and ones that will help you look gorgeous with vitality and the naturally stunning look. There are loads of ways to steam your hair and with a growing number of devices it can sometimes be confusing which ones are good in terms of use and finish as well as being good for your hair. The cuticle of the hair will open and increase the lift, which with deep conditioning they will rejuvenate regardless of the cold weather or dry hot heat.

Whatever one you choose in the end, just make sure to create a healthy routine with a weekly practice and avoid everyday use. Steaming your hair doesn’t have to be too time consuming, but instead part of a healthy routine and maintenance.

Steaming will increase the moisture retention and help minimize those dreaded twists, knots and split ends. This will help keep volume, minimize the frizz and within a few days you will notice a big difference. Some woman find that they like to add some form of hot oils treatment to further moisturize both hair and skin, which is why this is one of my favorites, check how to do a hot oil treatment. This strengthens hair, enhances the enchanting curls and will boost confidence for those ladies wanting a little encouragement.

Steaming will also strengthen and promote growth so make sure to always add oils and creams if you are finding that your hair is still weak or dry after steaming, however will most people steaming is enough. Steaming makes hair more manageable and will help moisturize the roots and condition the hair so that your natural hair growth and volume is maintained.…

Not All Incidences Of Gastritis Cause Stomach Ulcers

You might have taken one of those most common over-the-counter drugs, paracetamol for a quick relief from a headache on empty stomach. The headache will wither off but you may get a stomach upset soon which may or may not be accompanied by nausea, heartburning, vomiting and a feeling of fullness. The reason could be gastritis.

Definition of gastritis

The digestive process in the stomach takes place at a very low acidic pH (<4) in the presence of digestive enzymes and acidic juices such as pepsin, trypsin, amylase etc. This highly corrosive environment can damage the internal walls of the stomach and so it has a protective mucosal lining which prevents the stomach walls from getting exposed to the reacting environment.

Gastritis is a condition in which the stomach lining gets inflamed or swollen. Inflamed stomach lining produces less mucosa and therefore, the thickness of the mucus-lined barrier reduces. This makes the walls exposed to the gastric juices. Gastritis in itself is not a serious disease and can be easily treated, but the incidence of other diseases and prolonged acid damage to the stomach creates more critical health issues.

Gastritis may occur in two ways:

  • Occurring suddenly and lasting for a short time, known as acute gastritis.
  • Occurring slowly over a period of time and lasts longer, known as chronic gastritis.

Acute gastritis may disappear on its own or can be easily treated but chronic gastritis if left untreated can last even a lifetime and invite other disorders and sometimes, stomach cancer

Gastritis and stomach ulcer

Though both the terms are sometimes used mutually, they are different. Gastritis is one of the causes of stomach ulcer or peptic ulcer and does not cause it all the time. Gastritis can have the following two effects on the stomach:

  • Can cause the mucosal lining to erode away due to acid exposure, creating erosion and fissures on the stomach lining known as ulcers. This is erosive gastritis.
  • Can cause only inflammation of the lining and not erosion. This is known as non-erosive gastritis and does not create ulcers.

So getting gastritis does not necessarily mean that you will have ulcers and having a stomach ulcer may have various other underlying reasons.…

Light Cardio- Benefits Of Weights On Your Wrists

It is very important to change your workout around every few weeks. Whether you exercise every day of the week or 3-4 days of the week, ensure that the time spent counts. Wrist weights add a certain difficulty to your regular light cardio workouts. This increased challenge brings with it certain benefits. However, tread with caution as not all exercises can be done with wrist weights.

  1. Resistance: Increasing the resistance even marginally contributes to an increase in the heart rate and obviously leads to benefits arising from that. This maybe just a slight increase in the regular challenge but it is enough to increase oxygen consumption and raise the heart rate.
  2. Not a substantial change: This is a good option when you are not looking to modify your workout too much but seek a different challenge. If you are an avid walker or a brisk walker, putting weights on your wrists will challenge you just a bit more. It will keep your hands free unlike weighted dumb bells and therefore chances of losing your balance are much smaller.

Weights on the wrists are a convenient option especially when you want to work your upper body- your arms and shoulders. As a precaution, pick up the lightest weight initially. Once you find that you have adjusted well, you can slowly move to the next level if you choose to. Some precautions to be borne:

  • It is generally not advisable to wear these weights on your wrists while running. It can seriously alter your rhythm, leading to injuries.
  • Make sure your posture is correct if you are walking with these wrist weights. Any change in posture can put a strain on the muscles. Use them for a day, watch how your body reacts to it the following day. If you feel fine, you are good to go.

Quitting Alcohol – A Challenge!

Quitting Alcohol is one of the toughest and biggest challenges in life. But the long-term benefits one gets out of coming out clean is numerous. When a person quits drinking, he or she feels better both physically and mentally. This, in turn, leads to a better personal life and a flourishing career.

Admit your Problem

People with alcohol addiction never admit that they have a problem. They try to believe that everything is fine. But they certainly know that there is an underlying problem that needs attention. The first step towards fighting the addiction is to admit it. Once they realize it, then they will be more open to the changes that put them on track.

Talk to a Doctor

The next step is to talk to a doctor who can put the person in the right direction. Though a doctor can’t solve the problem right away, he or she will be able to refer the person to a good rehab facility. Fr example, if the person having alcohol addiction is in Florida and consults a primary care physician, the doctor can suggest a good alcohol detox and rehab treatment in Florida.

Get the Help from your Loved Ones

People with addiction often feel alone. In that case, they could call their family and close friends to ask for their support. The road to recovery will be smoother with the help of your dear and near ones.

Change in Attitude

Though a person might admit to his addiction, he might still have a wrong attitude towards the situation. It is important to change that attitude. A good attitude will ease out the stress and help in reaching the goals easier.

No Temptation

Staying clean without any temptation is very important to proceed further. Have alcohol at home? Pour it down the drain. Do not talk with people who are still addicted to alcohol. The very talk of it would tempt you.

Get the Help of a Rehab

There are inpatient as well as outpatient programs. Select the bet one that suits your lifestyle and type of addiction.

Once you begin an alcohol-free life, you will enjoy life better!…

Why Do You Need Mass Gainers?

There are always mixed opinions about whether or not you should be using mass gainers. But there are numerous people out there using mass gainers and finding effective results. The key is to use such supplements right. If you pick the most effective mass gainer from the market and take it in the right dosage and supplement it with the right exercise routine, you are sure to see remarkable results.

Daily calorie needs can be met:

Your food might give you all the calories you need every day. But if you rigorously work out, you would be burning a lot of calories too. To tally the amount of calories consumed and the amount of calories burnt and still retain the calorie needs of your body, mass gainers are useful. The best part is that as you also give your body the daily portion of calories, you would not be feeding any unhealthy food.

Best options for diet after workouts:

After the workout, you can use mass gainer shakes to combat tiredness. There are low-fat mass gainers that come with high carbohydrate content. These make great choices for consuming before or after workouts when the primary concern would be to keep up your energy levels. Low-fat versions would ensure that your workouts don’t go waste.

Curb unhealthy hunger pangs:

Mass gainers are also available as meal replacement supplements. These make you feel full when you consume them and thus you would no more feel hunger pangs after your meals. This would stop you from craving unhealthy snacks.

Your body needs creatine:

You might often not need an extra protein supplement when you are using a weight gainer supplement. If you choose the right weight gainer with the best ingredients, you can skip on other supplements. This is because the best weight gainers might also come with creatine content.